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  • Vicodin, Tylenol Being Reviewed by FDA

    Most people have thought of Tylenol as being the safest pain reliever for as long as we can remember; however, doctors have known for some time that acetaminophen (the main active ingredient in Tylenol) can be toxic in high dosages and rare instances, causing major liver damage or even death.

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  • Kelly Osbourne Admits Vicodin Addiction

    In her upcoming book, “Fierce,” 24-year-old Kelly Osbourne—daughter of Ozzy and Sharon—reveals that she was once addicted to the narcotic painkiller Vicodin. She writes that after being prescribed the drug, her use of the painkiller eventually spiraled out of control.

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  • Prescription Drug Deaths Double in Wyoming

    Prescription drug deaths have more than doubled in Wyoming from 2005 to 2008, according to statistics released by the Wyoming Department of Health. In 2005, the number of prescription drug deaths was 50; in 2008, the number rose to 103. The deaths also include cases where drugs were either a primary or secondary cause of death: There were 90 such deaths in 2006 and 96 in 2007.

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The Pain of Addiction

Vicodin addiction often starts innocently enough. Most people start taking Vicodin or other pain medications after surgery or an injury. But then they can’t stop. They need more to get the same pain relief. They start doctor shopping to get more pills. And the cycle continues until it takes over their lives.