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  • New State Laws Require Doctors, Stores Track Opiate Painkiller Sales

    Certain state and local governments in the United States and Canada are about to crack down on the illegal sales of prescription narcotics. Proposals that could force pharmacies and physicians to keep better track of who buys these drugs, as well as how much and how often, are being considered in 11 state governments and provinces in Canada. Thirty-three state legislatures have already passed these laws.

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  • Actor Chevy Chase Reflects on Painkiller Rehabilitation

    Comedian and actor Chevy Chase, best known for his roles on "Fletch" and the "National Lampoon’s Vacation" series, has recently reflected on his time in Rehab to treat a painkiller addiction during the 1980s.

    Chase’s discussion of his rehabilitation comes after the death of former President Gerald Ford, a friend of Chevy Chase. The actor recently credited Betty Ford, wife of President Ford, for his recovery, stating that if she hadn’t stepped forward with being honest about her own alcohol addiction and starting the clinic, he would not have sought assistance in stopping his own addiction.

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The Pain of Addiction

Vicodin addiction often starts innocently enough. Most people start taking Vicodin or other pain medications after surgery or an injury. But then they can’t stop. They need more to get the same pain relief. They start doctor shopping to get more pills. And the cycle continues until it takes over their lives.