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  • What Happens When a Person Abuses Vicodin?

    Vicodin remains one of the most popular narcotics for treating moderate to severe pain. It is a Schedule III substance, meaning a doctor can simply call the pharmacy to place a prescription order and patients can get refills without a doctor’s office visit. But when someone takes more of the drug than prescribed, or takes it for non-medical reasons, it’s easy to fall into a habit of abuse. This powerful drug can have powerful, even deadly side effects when not used under a doctor’s care or as prescribed.

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  • DEA Proposes Reclassification of Vicodin, Other Drugs to Stem Supply

    The Controlled Substances Act of 1970 divided medications and drugs into five separate categories, or “schedules,” based on medical benefit and risk for abuse. Which schedule a substance falls under determines how tightly the government controls its access. The government is almost at cross purposes as the FDA recently made a pure form of Hydrocodone available while the DEA is recommending that mixed forms of the drug be more stringently controlled.

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The Pain of Addiction

Vicodin addiction often starts innocently enough. Most people start taking Vicodin or other pain medications after surgery or an injury. But then they can’t stop. They need more to get the same pain relief. They start doctor shopping to get more pills. And the cycle continues until it takes over their lives.