The Drugstore Cowboy Strikes Again

Sometimes the allure of the drug is too much to take. James Fogle became a celebrity as the Drugstore Cowboy, immortalizing his life of crime and addiction in a book and then movie. He is now back in jail after attempting to rob a pharmacy in Redmond.

According to a piece in the Seattle Times, Fogle attempted the robbery along with Shannon Ben. Jim Bove, a spokesman for the Redmond Police Department noted that at 73, this may be the only thing Fogle knows how to do.

Police say the two men walked into the Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacy on Redmond Way around 9pm and directed one employee to turn off the store lights and lock the doors while they began tying up the other employees.

As one employee went to the front door to shut out the lights, a customer was attempting to enter. The employee took the opportunity to crack the door and ask the customer to call 911. Another employee was able to trigger a silent alarm at the same time.

Police arrived and arrested the two men who have been booked into jail on investigation of first-degree robbery. A police department spokesperson noted that it is very difficult to catch a robbery in progress.

Fogle had already spent half of his life in prison where he wrote “Drugstore Cowboy” based on his own history as one of a group of addicts who roamed the Pacific Northwest. He was released in 1991 and he thought he may be able to do something different with his life. In less than a year, however, he was back in jail.

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