Woman Arrested Second Time for Prescription Forgery

While some drug addicted individuals have taken to robbing pharmacies to obtain the drugs they need for their next hit, others are turning to forging prescriptions. Some are skilled enough to pass through the system, while others are caught trying to get what they believe they need. According to a recent Rockdale Citizen report, this is a problem in Covington.

Marjoree Broxton has been arrested for her connection with prescription forgery and it is the second time in a month she has faced such charges. This latest charge is for forgery in the first degree as she attempted to gain access to the drug Tramadol by presenting a false prescription.

Broxton was not the most skilled of criminals as she asked a friend to call in the prescription, telling the pharmacist she was on the way to pick it up. The pharmacist called the physician the woman claimed had prescribed the medication and determined the prescription had never been authorized. The pharmacist went on to call other pharmacies, learning that Broxton had been arrested in the past for similar attempts.

The pharmacist called the police to be sure officers were waiting when Broxton arrived. They waited for her to begin to leave before stopping the vehicle driven by Broxton’s husband. When asked to exit the vehicle and told why she was stopped, Broxton insisted she had a prescription and that her teeth would not stop hurting.

Broxton insisted she had visited the doctor a long time ago and she called him again with the same complaint, she insisted he called in the prescription. She was immediately arrested and taken to Newton County Detention Center.

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