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  • How to Identify Signs of Vicodin Addiction

    When used as prescribed, Vicodin is the answer for many individuals who need pain management. Because any opiate can become addictive, it’s very important to be aware of the signs of addiction. Another dangerous aspect of Vicodin is the rate at which tolerance can be built up. The more a person uses Vicodin for pain management, the higher their tolerance becomes.
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  • FDA Proposing New Controls on Most Commonly Abused Opioids

    Opioids are synthetic pain relievers and Americans take more of them than anyone else in the world. The United States represents only five percent of the world’s population and yet we consume 80 percent of the world’s opioid painkillers, with national use quadrupling since 1999. Now the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is attempting to curb that problem by making the pills harder to get.

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  • Which Prescription Drugs Top the List For Drug Abuse?

    There are thousands of prescription drugs on the market today and many are being abused by Americans across the country. So which drugs pose the biggest threat? Read More…

  • Moms Addicted to Opiates Caught Between a Rock and a Hard Place

    The epidemic of addiction to prescription drugs in America is alarming and painful. The problem is not limited to any age group or demographic but is affecting both rich and poor, young and old, men and women. One group gets little attention, but is affected so deeply by prescription drug abuse, that sometimes a whole lifetime is altered. The number of expectant mothers who are addicted to prescription painkillers has multiplied five times since 2000. As a recent blog noted, those mothers and their unborn children sometimes face dire consequences that can make young moms feel as though they are caught in a catch 22 dilemma. Read More…

  • Doctors Tell Congress They Need Help with Prescription Drug Problem

    Currently a handful of bills are in the hands of Congress dealing with the problem of prescription drugs and their potential to lead to addiction. The hope is that these bills will better educate doctors and the public of their dangers. Read More…

  • Pain Clinics See Criticism for Encouraging Patient Drug Addictions

    In many states, patients come in to a pain clinic seeking medical help and walk out with a prescription for a painkiller – even if they are already addicted to a painkiller or similar drug. Some say patients are actually treating pain clinics as places to feed their prescription drug addictions.

    Doctors who give prescription medications to people who already have drug addictions could face more scrutiny and restrictions as groups like the American Society of Addiction Medicine strive toward tighter regulations. Read More…

  • People in New Jersey, Michigan and Massachusetts Arrested for Vicodin Crimes

    NJ Women Forges Doctor’s Signature to Get Vicodin

    Hazlet Police say thirty-three-year-old Rachel Kerns was trying to use a stolen prescription for Vicodin and forging a signature at a local pharmacy. Kerns, who lives at Sam’s Mobile Park, attempted to use a blank prescription that she stole from her employer, a doctor. Kerns put her husband’s name down for the prescription and then forged the doctor’s signature. When she tried to have the prescription filled at the Drug$mart Pharmacy the pharmacist knew it was fake – the pharmacist and the doctor are cousins. The pharmacist called police who then went to Kerns’ trailer and arrested her. Kearns was charged with forgery, criminal attempt to possess a controlled dangerous substance and receiving stolen property.

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  • Crimes Involving Vicodin, Heroin, Meth and Alcohol

    Jeep Owner Arrested for Heroin Crimes

    A search by Oregon authorities of a 1998 Jeep Cherokee that was located at a residence in Coos Bay uncovered heroin and other narcotics. South Coast Interagency Narcotics Team agents found heroin, packaging material, drug paraphernalia, scales, suspected hashish and 15 assorted pills initially identified as Vicodin, methadone, Suboxone and OxyContin. The Jeep belonged to twenty-five-year-old Mitchell T. Summers and was seized because it was used in a crime. Summers was charged with two counts of possession of opiates, two counts of delivery of opiates, unlawful possession of heroin, unlawful delivery of heroin and unlawful manufacture of heroin.

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  • The Pain of Addiction

    Vicodin addiction often starts innocently enough. Most people start taking Vicodin or other pain medications after surgery or an injury. But then they can’t stop. They need more to get the same pain relief. They start doctor shopping to get more pills. And the cycle continues until it takes over their lives.