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  • Vicodin Classification Makes the Drug Easier to Give to Patients Than Other Opiates

    Vicodin, one of the widely prescribed prescription painkillers is also the least restricted of the opiate drug category, a situation recent national news and medical reports are emphasizing.

    Vicodin in its generic form, a combination of hydrocodone and acetaminophen, is listed by the Food and Drug Administration and the Drug Enforcement Administration as a Schedule III – the same class as many types of anesthetics or steroid drugs. In comparison, codeine and the prescription opioid oxycodone are listed as a Schedule II. At the highest restriction, Schedule I, are drugs like heroin. Read More…

  • Nearly 100 Percent of the World’s Vicodin Prescriptions are Used in U.S.

    The numbers are in: the U.S. rate of abuse of prescription painkillers is higher now than ever, with especially drastic jumps in the use of painkillers like Vicodin. Across the globe, no country uses more Vicodin than the United States – leading experts ask that it be reclassified to see more restrictive use. Read More…

  • A Doctor and a Fire Captain Part of This Week’s Vicodin News Report

    Criminal Convicted for Seattle Pharmacy Robbery

    Tyler Ljubich has been convicted of Robbery First Degree for his armed robbery of OxyContin and Vicodin from the Westside Pharmacy in West Seattle, Washington. Because Ljubich has a prior conviction (for a drive-by shooting), he faces 41 to 54 months in jail. Read More…

  • The Pain of Addiction

    Vicodin addiction often starts innocently enough. Most people start taking Vicodin or other pain medications after surgery or an injury. But then they can’t stop. They need more to get the same pain relief. They start doctor shopping to get more pills. And the cycle continues until it takes over their lives.